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New Fall Fragrances Coming Soon


My new fall scents just arrived, and I’m excited to see which fragrances are going to be put on my website!!! I well have over 25+ fragrances to choose from and I’m only gonna be putting 6 or so new fall scents on my website! It’s so hard to choose only 6, because they are all so amazing! BUT the thing is as new fall scents arrive on my website and farmers market my summer scents are going to be leaving. So get them while you still can! My summer scents are leaving my website and the farmers market on the last Saturday of August! And if you see me at the farmers market in the coming weeks I’m gonna have all my scents new and old until that last Saturday of august when the summer scents leave. Also be sure to follow my Instagram for deals, new containers, sales, events, and much more! 

My latest Candle Excursion: News & Updates
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